Why You Should Hang Out Here

There are thousands of guitar sites online, this is why we think you should hang out here instead!

Here is a list of what you WILL FIND on Guitar Player U:

  • Tons of Free Guitar Lessons — (no downloads necessary)
  • Jazz Guitar Lessons — jazz chords, jazz licks and progressions, the various styles of jazz guitar, jazz soloing, timing, jazz jam sessions to play along with, much more.
  • Blues Guitar Lessons -Blues chord progressions and turnarounds, easy blues lessons and songs to play, rockabilly blues, acoustic standard blues rythyms, solos and more.
  • Many Styles, Many Levels– Beginner Guitar Lessons, Intermediate Guitar Lessons, Advanced Lessons and everything in between. We also give lessons based on the type of guitar you want to play like acoustic lessons or electric lessons, even classical or flamenco.
  • Music Theory Lessons — For those of you that need a little theory in your life, we will teach you as plain and simple as humanly possible.
  • Must See Lessons on topics like, “How to tune a Guitar”, “Taking Care of Your Guitars”, “How to Choose the Right Guitar”, “How to Change Your Strings”, “How to use your amp”, “How to Get Gigs”, etc.
  • Gear Reviews — Our experts will review different types of music gear to help you choose the right stuff and use it to it’s full potential

Here’s a list of things you WON’T FIND on this site:

1. Guys with no shirts playing “Enter Sandman” on their fender in their grandma’s basement, and calling it a “guitar lesson” (no offense if you live with your grandma — I’m sure she is sweet)

2. Guitar Teachers with egos the size of Texas that are more concerned with “how good they are” then how good you can be.

3. Obnoxious banner ads that say “Punch the Pop Star and Win” or pop ups that are so scandalous they could get you fired, slapped, or divorced.

4. No Hollywood Hype or BS — This site was created by a struggling guitar player, who struggles no more, thanks to a few great teachers and a ton of awesome videos.

Ok, enough reading already. Go watch some free lessons, take some classes and be a better player! Click on the links to the right to watch lessons by style or by your playing level.

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